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With your participation we will build sustainable productive landscapes.

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Join us!

The supporting members of the Consórcio Cerrado das Águas are companies that invest in and support the initiatives of the Consórcio Cerrado das Águas. Making an annual financial contribution, these companies are directly part of the CCA's efforts to implement Smart Agriculture strategies for the Climate on rural properties, as well as participating in the Consortium's decisions, definitions and guidelines to mitigate the effects of climate change. 


What are the benefits of being an associate member:


  • Contribute directly to the construction of theaction planning at regional and national level for the approach of climate resilience in the Cerrado Mineiro Region. 


  • As an investor, your company canreport the results of the Cerrado das Águas Consortium in its sustainability report reinforcing the brand's and/or sector's strategy in mitigating the impacts of the production chain, emphasizing, if you so wish, that this is a pioneering initiative and a joint effort to mitigate climate risks at the landscape level. 

  • Disclosure of the main results of activities restoration of native vegetation, climate management and efficient management of water resources; 


  • Opportunities forinteract with other Partners, matching needs and strategies;


  • Assertive identification of critical climate problems in the Cerrado Mineiro region andgreater ability to mobilize in related forums water resources and sustainability.


so let's go together?

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